Welcome back to the Bry-Fy Podcast!  This week I talk about my awesome yet tiring weekend at Comicpalooza!  Hear some live recordings of some panels I was on and a bit of my Live podcast that I recorded on the Con floor!  No comics to review this week, but I have 4 digital codes of Deadpool comics for yall to sweeten the deal!  It all leads up to the Death of Deadpool and it's freakin awesome guys and gals!  so I hope you enjoy the podcast, dont forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram:  @BryFyPodcast and head over and like my Facebook.com/BryFyPodcast page and send me emails over at: bryfypodcast@hotmail.com with any comments, questions, or romantic advice!

Bry-Fy OUT!

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