May 28th, 2017

So my plan of consistently updating this page has already fell through.  My bad, you deserve better from me...or maybe you don't.  You could be a bad person and probably deserved me not giving you the pleasure of an updated web page.  But I believe my general audience is one that is full of good people wanting to promote the reading of comics and all things nerdy.  Which means I have let you down!  But here's an update for you that stick around and actually read what I type.

May 12-14th my wife and I attended COMICPALOOZA in Houston, TX.  It was great and we recorded a live episode at a podcasting booth the convention provides.  We were joined by friends of the podcast Jason and Bill and even had others stop by to answer trivia questions for prizes and even take pictures with us (we were cosplaying as Brock and Misty from Pokemon).

Comicpalooza has been my favorite convention to attend because they do so much for small media and podcasters.  They have always been very inclusive and supportive of my show and that means a lot to me.  They also boast being the largest Comic Book Convention in Texas which is also a big reason why I love them.  I've made many friendships and business relationships because of this convention and I will always be in their debt.

I'll be posting pictures soon from our Day #2 at Comicpalooza so check back here soon.  Also check out the LIVE recording and the post convention episode for what we enjoyed and our thoughts about this year's show.

In other news...Casey and I have finally finished our move to the Austin, TX area!  It was something we have always wanted to do and when the opportunity presented itself we jumped on it immediately.  I will miss many of the friends I've made in the Houston area, but I am happy to be closer to my friends in Austin as well.  Plus there are some cool conventions in this area I will be able to attend now like STAPLE! and HAVEN CON.  (two conventions that I've had the pleasure of interviewing the founders on my podcast!)

That's it for this week's update.  Hopefully I will have some awesome news to share next week!  For even more exclusive news and future plans for the podcast you can always sign up as a Patreon supporter and receive special treatment!  ;)


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